Politics Rigged???

Now someone is running around saying in a ‘SHOCKING POLL’, that the elections are now rigged. Under what rock or drug induced life have you been living?  Anyone that took American History in high school knows that it has happened since the beginning of this nation.  (Do they even teach the ‘Real’ American History in schools anymore?)

Today we have computers and cell phones which brought about the new social media and instant results of what is happening in the world and right next door. With the amount digital excrement that is being force at us, you would think that we, the normal everyday person with a mundane job and family lived in conceivable bliss.  We are now told that everything we learned from the beginning of our lives and was a civil staple of our families’ lives is wrong.  We walk wrong. We talk wrong.  We eat wrong.  We live wrong.

It is time that this social experiment is stopped. It is time that one person’s vote is real.  Not to have one person pull a lever at a designed time and have ten thousand votes from the grave for one candidate or another, when the total live populace for the town at the time is eight thousand.  It is time that the political elite to lose their power over the people that are supposed to elect them.  The will of the people is supposed to be used by the elected to guide our path, not the will of the elected.

There are many arguments that can be placed to go either one way or another. The one I hear the most is the one of candidates promising to ‘Give’ you something for your vote.  So, you give your vote and they win.  Tit for Tat right. Now you want you’re something.  Now the elected official says, “I can’t give you your something because (some excuse about the opposing party, movement, or prior agreement I made.)…” “But please continue to support me as I do what you wish for.”


I believe that everyday people have seen that all elections are rigged in some way and we have been just following like sheep. I don’t care if it is my truth, your truth, or the real truth, it is time to find a leader that will not give you what you want but will lead you in what you need.


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