The Lull before the Storm

Not all the primaries are done, just a few left.

The real media has got all their researchers out looking for facts, digging in for the big one. Will they find the real truth(s)?

The mainstream media, the propaganda machine for their boardroom bosses on Wall Street, hope all the skeletons are nailed in the closet or buried deep enough from prying eyes.

A few Polls are done here and there. Do they represent the true feeling of America? Which America?

A last ditch effort for political parties and candidates to get funds they need.

The Old Guard is wringing their hands. Did they choose the right person to back and do they have a chance?

The New Guard is ecstatic. They think they have it in the bag.

The fringe candidate is stressed from the worry. Do they have a chance?

Is this all or nothing? The question is asked in thought.

What direction do we need our country to go?

Will we let the political elite pick our direction or will we the people?

The masses, some controlled, some dreaming, and some that really think for themselves feel the storm building on the horizon.

Who has the real answers?

Who has the real courage?

Who has the real clout?

Who will be a real leader?

We can only wait and see……….

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