About the Author and his Opinions


Politics of the (un)comman man.

You have heard the phrase,

“The Truth is a three edged blade”


“That is the ‘Truth’ from a certain Point of View”

So, we must search for the “Truth”



As you read my thoughts and opinions, you will find that I am not a professional writer. I am just a common man that has seen and heard a lot in my years.  I started life in a small farming town in Nebraska.  Before graduating high school I had already earned a Private Pilot’s license.  After high school I served a hitch in the U.S. Marines.  After the service I went to tech school and received Associates in Aviation Maintenance.  I did not work for the big carriers but went with some smaller freight carriers.

I have worked all over the US and parts of the world as an aircraft mechanic. Some of my longer stop overs were in Omaha, Topeka, and Seattle, before ending up in New Mexico.  I spent some time in the Southern part of Africa in the 90’s.  Was present for the elections in South Africa and Mozambique.  I have been to places the World Press said one thing and found that they never knew the land or the people.

History is always written by the victor but over time the real facts are glossed over to make room for the ones that want to see the world their way. I am tired of only hearing one side of the story and then finding out that story was incomplete or false.  So, I will be jotting down my thoughts for all to see and talk over with their friends and family.

Today I may be wrong, but tomorrow, I may be right. Or is that vice versa?


You can contact me at Contact@3sidesoftruth.com if you have any comments or questions.

The views expressed on this site full of opinions are solely those of the author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by others.


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