How to define the begining.

1. the science of governments
2. political affairs
3. political methods, tactics, ect.
4. political opinions, ect.
5. factional scheming for power


Webster’s definition of the word “Politics” has as many characteristics as a hurricane of emotions that can well up in a person when it is thought or said.


1. a being true; specif., a) sincerity; honesty b) conformity with fact c) reality; actual existence d) correctness; accuracy
2. that which is true
3. an established fact

When you look at the definitions of the two words above, you will notice that they cannot be used together too often or not at all. As we watch the current political campaigns today in the USA, you will see that all sides try to use them together. We are now living in the era of the lack of truth.

The Truth may not be my truth or your truth. We all have worked or seen the Truth slanted one way or another for ones own use or benefit in life or advancement in money or power. It has been this way from the beginning of time. There are two or three occupations that use this as a way of life in order to get the recognition, money or power they so desire. What we, the citizens, need to do is to keep asking the tough questions to keep those with power or our elected officials pointed towards the Truth. If we do not, we will all lose something.

I started this blog to try to keep asking those questions, no matter how outrageous or off topic they seem.

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